Waxed Foundation Sheets - Full Depth

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All of our wax foundation is 100% Australian beeswax

This foundation fits Full Depth Frames only.

  • Directions for use

    Use an embedding tool that is heated.
    Run tool across the wire to heat.
    The wire should then melt the wax onto the wire.
    Do this to all wires on frame.
    The wax has now been embedded onto the frame.

    Under 18⁰C it can be brittle and is prone to break very easily, if not cared for correctly.
    Warm up before use. We recommend using a desk lamp or pop in direct sunlight for a short period of time.
    Over 30⁰C this product can become very soft and pliable.
    Store on a flat surface and out of direct sunlight.
    Please handle with care.
    Do not store in the fridge/freezer.