Farm and Yard Scoop 'N Tow - 2 in 1 scraper

Farm and Yard Scoop 'N Tow - 2 in 1 scraper

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Clear your paddocks of manure and other debris in a fraction of the time taken by hand with the Scoop'N'Tow Field Cleaner!

The Scoop'N'Tow features a dual-mode operation:

  • Scoop Mode: Drag behind your 4-wheeler, mower or vehicle to clear your paddocks of manure or other debris.
  • Tow Mode: Lower the easy-release wheels and extend the retractable towbar to create a versatile trailer. Move your manure or transport other loads around your location.

Note: Scoop'N'Tow is not recommended for non-pastured sand or arena surfaces.