Electrolyte Paste 60ml

Electrolyte Paste 60ml

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Suitable for: Horses involved in strenuous exercise and/or sweat loss during training, racing, competition, during travel and hot weather conditions.


Vetsense Electrolyte Paste is an oral electrolyte, Vitamin and Folic Acid supplement which may help to replace the electrolytes lost through sweating, strenuous physical exercise and travelling during hot weather. Formulated with a distinct aniseed flavour, this paste is highly palatable for easier administration.

Directions for use: Administer orally over the back of the tongue. Doses are based on a 450 - 500kg bodyweight.

After hard exercise: Give 30 - 60mL after racing, competing or after strenuous exercise.
During endurance exercise: Give 30 - 60mL at each vet check and rest stop during endurance rides.
Transportation: Give 30 - 60mL on arrival at destination. Pre-travelling dose of 30mL is recommended for horses being transported for longer than 4 hours.