Electric Uncapping Plane

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This tool is perfect for anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way to uncap.
This uncapping plane has a copper cutting blade that heats up and is adjustable to the depth of cut.
This heating element is also replaceable and lasts longer than a uncapping knife.

Using your uncapping plane:
Plug the uncapping plane into the wall and switch it on.
Within 1-3 minutes the uncapping place will heat up, ready to start uncapping your frames.
Pull the uncapping plane from the bottom of the frame to the top.
Do this again until you have covered the entire frame.
Flip the frame over and now repeat the process for this side of the frame.

Adjusting the blade:
using the allen key provided with the product, loosen the three parts that hold the blade in place.
Adjust the blade tothe desired thickness
Tighten the parts back up.

Caring for your uncapping plane:
Do not emerge in water.
Do not touch the top part of the uncapping plane when switched on. It will burn you.
Do not leave uncapping plane on and unattended. It needs to be switched off when not in use.
(This will cause you to burn any honey that is sitting on the top of the plane.)
Wipe down with a damp cloth to clean.