PurePro High Performance Dog Feed 18kg

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PurePro is filling a gap in the Australian dog food market with a product that contains close to double the amount of protein, double the amount of fat and up to 10 times the amount of Omega 3 compared to big brand regular dog foods. Its protein comes primarily from 3 types of fish meal, and the high fat content is the result of a very generous dose of top quality Australian salmon oil.

PurePro is a complete diet, conveniently packed in a 9mm pellet, with a 12 month best before date. Suitable for dogs of all ages, from their very first dry feed to adulthood. Ideal feed for growing pups, pregnant or whelping bitches and active or working dogs. Control serving size in adult dogs to assure the dog maintains a healthy weight.


Fishmeal, Finfish meal, Fish hydrolysate, Salmon oil, Meat meal, Blood meal, Poultry meal, Lupin kernel meal, Wheat bran, Tallow, Vitamins and Minerals, Antioxidants