Dog Treats - Good Girl and Good Boy Bone Biscuits

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If you're looking for a perfect dog present, this cute dog bone biscuit in a gift box is the one. Golden Barkery's delicious Honey & Vanilla homemade dog biscuit is decorated with dog friendly yoghurt icing and a 'GOOD BOY' or 'GOOD GIRL' message on top.

Colours are derived from fruits and vegetables, so this is a healthy dog treat that pooches love. Size of dog bone is 12cm.

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  • Honey & Vanilla Dog Biscuit: Grain FREE dog biscuits made from buckwheat flour, free range eggs, sunflower oil, honey, vanilla and cinnamon. Dog biscuits are naturally coloured with hard yoghurt icing (yoghurt and tapioca) with colours derived from fruits and vegetables.


Golden Barkery Dog Treats & Dog Biscuits are freshly made when you order. Each box is clearly marked with a "best before" date on the packaging, which is usually about 12 weeks from packaging. To maintain freshness, store in a cool dry place in the provided box or an airtight container. Refrigerate for extended shelf life.