Country Park Garlic Granules 1kg

Country Park Garlic Granules 1kg

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Garlic is a stimulant for the immune system – It is the closest thing to a herbal wonder drug for treating infections. This is because garlic is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. Garlic is rich in sulphur which is essential for healthy skin and hair, and garlic also contains bioflavonoid compounds such as quercetin which retard inflammatory reactions.

rcetin stabilises mast cells (which contain histamine) and inactivates many inflammatory enzymes, which makes garlic a useful anti-allergy tool. Garlic also works to improve circulation. It contains a number of anti-coagulant compounds and has a blood-thinning effect as well as being vasodilatory.

DRUG INTERACTIONS: Garlic could potentiate the blood-thinning effects/side-effects of some drugs/supplements, consult your vet/herbalist before simultaneous use.

PLEASE NOTE: Beware the tendency to think that “a little is good, a lot will be better” – garlic in excess can irritate the gut and/or cause Heinz-body anaemia*. Keep to recommended dosages. Do not use garlic if a horse has been scouring chronically, and use caution if you are feeding garlic to nursing mares as it may flavour/taint the milk and upset the foal’s digestive system.